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Projects play a crucial role in driving growth and success for your company. They are strategic endeavors designed to achieve specific goals within a defined timeframe. Whether it’s developing new products, implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, improving operational processes, or organizing impactful events, projects bring together a dedicated team to tackle challenges and deliver desired outcomes. Effective project management involves careful planning, resource allocation, and continuous monitoring to ensure smooth execution. By embracing projects, your company can foster innovation, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape.

  •  Firefighting and alarm project at the Saudi Railways Authority (Riyadh Train Station).
  • Dammam Train Station, Abqaiq Train Station.
  • Al-Ahsa Train Station.
  • General Administration of Railways in Dammam, Central Workshops in Dammam.
  • Dry port in Riyadh.
  • LG building project in Rakah.
  • College of Computer Project at the University of Dammam.
  • Project of the College of Education, University of Dammam.
  • A project for the College of Science and Arts, University of Dammam and its branches in Al-Khafji and Al-Nairiya.
  • Fire extinguishing project at the border guard stations in Al-Khafji, Manifa, Al-Safaniyah, Qatif, and Al-Mazrouiyah.
  • Al-Fanar Company’s administration building in Dammam. 
  • Extra warehouses in Dammam.
  • Fire Systems project at KFSH in Dammam .
  • A project to install fire systems in the new Riyad Bank branches in the Eastern province.
  • The Fourth Mills Company project in Dammam Port.
  • VOCO Hotel project in Al-Khobar .
  • Different projects of factories , Commercial and residential buildings.
Riyad Bank
VOCO Hotel
Milling Company 4
Extra Warehouses
College of Science and Arts, University of Dammam
General Administration of Railways
College of Education, University of Dammam
Dry port in Riyadh


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