Fire extinguishing system and fire alarm systems are an essential part of any safety system in buildings and facilities. Here’s an overview of the types of these systems:

Fire alarm systems

Smoke alarm systems: detect smoke and issue an alarm when detected.

Heat alarm systems: respond to the temperature increase resulting from the fire and issue an alarm.

Advanced alarm systems: combine smoke and heat detection to provide accurate and early warning.

Firefighting system

Water sprinklers: used to spray water on fires to extinguish them.

Dry sprinkler systems: used in areas that can be subject to freezing, as they use compressed air instead of water.

Chemical spray systems: Chemicals such as extinguishing foam are used to put out fires.

Gas sprinkler systems: Gases used to extinguish fires without causing harm to surrounding materials.

The needs of each building or facility vary depending on the type of activity and surrounding environment, and therefore the appropriate system must be chosen based on those needs. Fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems prove their effectiveness in preventing human and material losses as a result of fires, and are considered a necessary investment for any building or facility.


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