Fire Fighting Pumps

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Fire Fighting Pumps

Fire fighting pumps are powerful devices designed to supply water at high pressure to extinguish fires. These pumps play a crucial role in fire suppression systems, providing the necessary water flow to effectively combat fires and prevent their spread. With their robust construction and reliable performance, fire fighting pumps are essential tools in firefighting operations.

Pump components:
1. The jockey pump is used as a compensation pump for small leaks in the fire network system. It compensates automatically to maintain the operating pressure. Usually, the capacity of the jockey is approximately 1% of the capacity of other pumps.
2.Fuel tank used to supply the diesel pump with sufficient fuel for operation.
3. The relief valve is used for the electric pump to get rid of excess pressure.
4. Pressure relief valve is used automatically to relieve the exceeded pressure in the entire network system.
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